It’s easy to make a Fiat currency deposit from your local bank account by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to ChainEX (

  2. Ensure you are at least on Verification Level 1 (Click here to learn more about verification levels)

  3. Go to the Balances page

  4. Select your ZAR wallet and click on the Deposit icon

  5. Make sure the tab at the top displays Deposit - ZAR

  6. All the relevant information regarding your deposit as well as your unique reference code is displayed

  7. Log in to your online banking application and deposit the desired amount into ChainEX’s bank account using the displayed information

  8. A Pending Deposit will displayed in the Balances table

  9. Once the deposit has cleared, your ZAR balance will be updated automatically 

Once you have deposited your Fiat currency, it will take a maximum of two business days to reflect in your ChainEX ZAR wallet.